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Roots:  In 2002, my friend Nick Farina was diagnosed with cancer. Find his interview by clicking here or on the thumbnail down the page. Here’s a copy/paste from that interview which explains how the site was born: “This website is dedicated to Nick Farina. It’s difficult to describe such a unique and wonderful man: There is simply too much to distill given my limited writing abilities. In essence the site is here because we are ‘live on earth for a limited time’ and it seems imperative to tell people that we love them while we have the chance. Building a bench or trail, etc, in honor of someone who has passed is a respectable endeavour but I was compelled to create what I refer to as a ‘living dedication’ for this special man. That intention drove the creation of I hope the site can be a vehicle to expose worthy art and ideas, as well as the people who create them. Exogenista is a word that Nick coined and he defines it in the interview below. Without his knowledge, and following a small epiphany, I happily stole the word for the dot-com and present it to the world in his words”.


Daniel Shea, Content Creator:
I like to say that I’m no one and that I know almost nothing. Somehow, despite being fairly shy and socially inept, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my journey through life with many special people – some of whom have taken me in like a stray dog and made me part of the family. What they recognized in me but I don’t know. “Chosen family is best,” Nick Farina said to me on a number of occasions. Whether the time we have spent together is measured in minutes or decades, thank you to all that have genuinely shared the vibe with me: You have lifted me up.

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Click To Read Interview

To not try is to fail, so I encourage anyone reading this to create their dreams. I’ve found there are always plenty of people who will tell you what you can’t do. Others offer perspectives that you should consider well.  It’s good to know who is who and which is which. I generally believe that advice is the most dangerous thing to give someone; bumper stickers have more wisdom than many of the charming and self-assured people we encounter on our journey. That said, my advice is to read the Desiderata frequently. My father always had a copy of that poem near at hand and he embodied it as much as anyone I’ve known. Know that many people before you have looked into the meaning of life and have left clues for you.

Death has been my great teacher: It’s no cliché to say that life is truly short, our hold on it tenuous at best, and that we should share love while we have the chance. In that spirit I give this site to Nick and to you, the reader.  Aho.

Special thanks go to Tom Swanson for his permission to use the Ganesh painting as the banner and motif for this site, his wife Denise for her encouragement, and to Daniel Patton of Patton Holdings for both his website design skills and grokking the fullness of it’s vision. Sid Fox went to special effort to edit and post videos from work that he shot at Burning Man, and provided invaluable encouragement and perspectives. I could thank many people but will refrain out of deference to their professional lives. But a special thanks to Jeff T. and to Scotty Celarius for being like older brothers, fathers, and mentors; you are the salt of the earth. In life, certain people come through for you when you need them – they’re better than all the gold in the world.

My parents gave me the greatest gift in the world by showing me what love could be.  This site springs from their memory and the part of them that lives on in me.  May all beings be blessed with the same love that they gave me.  IMG_1319

“Change is essential for growth”


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