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Chad Sayers In The Moment

“You start at the bottom; everyone starts at the bottom.  And you just figure it out, and you dream about it, and you go for it.  And some die and some feel that epic, blissful moment that we long for… That we envision.  And perhaps when you get on the edge like that and you see yourself blossom in fear then, yeah, you wanna keep going”.

When I first got a chance to sit with Chad Sayers outside of the waves and share with him, he said, “If you need someone to interview, I’ve got stories”.  I didn’t know who he was at the time…  Chad’s a professional skier who’s been on the cover of various major magazines, a climber, explorer, and more. He’s gone to places and physical limits most people will never reach; a Discovery Channel series called Raging Planet covered a story of him and fellow explorers being caught in a Patagonian Blizzard where they were nearly buried alive.  And many of his friends have died in the kind of experiences Chad makes a habit of pursuing.  But more than the stories of hucking himself off cliffs or setting foot where no human has before or since, I was curious about his life philosophy – what drives him and makes him the way he is.  You see, one thing I found of great significance about Chad was the vibe that he shared with everyone he came across: He was ready to acknowledge and greet everyone with a smile. By many measures, he’s living the dream.  Being aware of that blessing, however,  plus being grateful for it and willing to share the happiness that comes from it seems to be one of his great attributes.  He’s the classic example of an ‘ambassador’ for his lifestyle – exuding a tremendous amount of stoke.  His kindness extended to giving this interview for a small website like Exogenista (apologies for the editing in the video below… it’s not what he deserves).

Here’s an excerpt from my blog when I first ran into Chad in the waves at La Lora in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: “Some distance north was an absolutely yoked white guy:  He was too far to make out the details of his face, but his shape and rippling muscles were obvious. ‘There’s no doubt that this guy is a professional athlete,’ I thought.  He paddled by and said hello, hunting waves but finding the time to share a little energy.  You never know what people are going to do e.g. they might come within a few feet and pretend like you don’t exist, even ignoring your greetings.  Not this guy.  We sat and talked for a couple of minutes before he paddled off in search of more fertile hunting grounds.  It seemed that here was the recognition (at least for me) of someone willing to cut to the chase, go deep.  So this was how I met Chad Sayers – a super sweet guy who I would have the pleasure of getting to know in the coming days”.



These are some beautifully shot and edited pieces of Chad chasing the dream :

Thank you, Chad for your time, energy, and vibes.  And thank you Exogenista readers.  You can follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates of new content and randomness.  Comments on this site will be filtered due to spam and may take time to show up.  Be well.  Namaste.


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    • Susan sayers
    • March 27, 2015
    • Reply

    I have the enormous honor of being the “mama” of this fine young man. He is an inspiration to me in more ways than I can ever express. His take on life and adventurous spirit is only one that I can live through him and the places he has travelled. I can only see the world through his photography which he loves to share with us when we spend time together (which is few and far between) but he is planning to display his top photos and stories of his world travels in a book very soon. I know I will be first in line to have his autograph.
    Thank you chad for being the humble and spiritual man that you are. You are a shining light to everyone you meet.

      • Daniel
      • March 28, 2015
      • Reply

      Yes, it was a total blessing to get to know your son… He’s every bit what we’ve said… and more

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