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M. Padilla: Spontaneous Being

I met Mariano Padilla in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, MX in early July and am stoked to share a little bit of his vision in this article.  He was just getting started painting surfboards when we linked up.  Mango, my dog, decided to join in a game of frisbee with Mariano and a couple of other guys.   The guys were really welcoming despite the risk to the frisbee.  After a lot of laughs and a bit of profound sharing with a Mexican guy who’d also joined the game, we exchanged handshakes and hugs before parting ways.  It was all totally spontaneous.  We ran into each other at Zicatela a couple of days later during the ‘Megaswell’ of July 4, 5, and 6.  From there, he and his two cohorts sort of adopted Mango and I.

I walked into the house Mariano and his friends were renting and started to get a sense  for his work when I saw what he was doing with surfboards. He was about to begin work on Jay Adams’ board and was building a reputation in Puerto. The pay he was getting for the work was minimal but the art is next level. Although his roots are in rattle can street art, most of his current ‘paintings’ and murals are actually done with special markers. He’s not in business to get rich – he’s a seeker and a traveller, and his wealth is definitely in something other than money.


collage_20140817223346572After spending time working on projects in Mexico City, Mariano had gone to Puerto to get the process rolling for his visa to the US. Despite a job offer from a major politician in D.F. (Mexico City) to produce a large, public piece he had declined to stay.  Argentines can’t arrive to the US without jumping through the proper hoops of application, bank account info, etc.  He scored the visa and is here in the US to do art; the piece below is something I helped him translate and edit as a sort of press release.  An interview will follow if he has time.  He’s taking on projects now, so if you know anyone who might want something beautiful and unique on/in their business, office, home, or whatever, contact him at .

Here’s a quick vid:  You can follow him on Twitter: @mpadilla

and on Facebook

Here’s the press release… Seres Pontaneos or “Spontaneous Beings” was born as a project but also as a lifestyle, one that chases dreams and promotes acting naturally and simply, living more in touch with nature.  More than three years ago I began my journey in Patagonia, painting, flyfishing, snowboarding and traveling to isolated places where I was inspired.  From these landscapes and experiences my style developed. Each culture that I visit helps give me inspiration to create new elements, so that my paintings are in constant mutation.


I want to continue to explore the earth doing what moves me and keeps me alive: Art. The first objective is to paint a hundred pieces, at least one for each city or country I visit. Learning from each place, from the local people, the views. Carrying my knowledge and gaining new knowledge. To merge cultures from an artistic point of view, to reach out to people with a healthy approach, and encourage the development of the creative capacities that we all have – capacities that are often undeveloped and untapped.  I want to get in touch with artists from all kinds of disciplines, sharing techniques and generating creative energy that pull us into the present moment, evolving together. My feelings will be communicated through different mediums and resources: Painting, gastronomy, extreme sports, photography, music and more are among my abilities and what flow from my imagination.


The idea is to collect photographic and audiovisual materials and experience, mixing images of my works with sports of interest – either snowboarding, surfing, or flyfishing. A high definition book with short explanatory texts would be created from the most amazing scenarios. Meanwhile I will be posting in my social network and web site.  At this time I am in the south of Mexico (editors note: Marianno is in the US as of late September). The duration of the first phase of the trip will be 24 months, in which I’ll paint a minimum of one hundred works. If I achieve this goal, it will indicate I have had a positive response from people and will make me gamble even more to continue to do my art around world. The plan is to head north to the United States where there is the possibility to acquire a vehicle that is adaptable as a mode of living, and in that way be independent and able to reach remote places.

“Spontaneous Beings” is not a for-profit project; I want to bring my art free of charge to the most locations I possibly can. Any support I receive is designated exclusively for the continuation of my adventures. – Fin.


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