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Speaking with Mushroom, Part 2: Dr Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds

“How can you build a more constructive, positive outlook about life rather than being trapped in these patterns,” Dr Alan Kapuler asked during the second section of our interview.  The sound of rain is audible in the background of our talk; we sat in the Peace Seeds greenhouse in Corvallis, Oregon on a December day in 2014 as Dr Kapuler’s daughter and her partner tended crops nearby.  Mushroom, as he’s known to friends, is an advocate and activist for a non-violent and sustainable food system.  He touches on a wide variety of topics in Part 2, ranging from yoga to his journey with cancer.  Dr Kapuler is a 25 year cancer survivor and the subject of chapter 12 of the book Outliving Cancer by oncologist Dr. Robert Nagourney.


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  1. We rejoice in Dr. Kapuler’s continued good health.


    • Genny Kapuler
    • May 21, 2015
    • Reply

    Dr. Nagourney, we are infinitely grateful for your life sustaining work. Thank you.
    Genny Kapuler, Mushroom”s sister.

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