Art by Tom Swanson

The Shulgins and more at Burning Man: Exogenista # 5

The fifth installment in the Shift series; evening setting in on the playa.  This is older footage from the Esplanade at Burning Man but the topics are still relevant…  This series is also a chance to hear some perspectives from the late Sasha Shulgin – always a blessing.

Panel speakers from left to right… Daniel Pinchbeck (author), Bob Jesse (Convenor of the Council on Spiritual Practices), Ann Shulgin (author), Sasha Shulgin (author and chemist, RIP), Dr. Jim Ketchum (author and former Army scientist), Amanda Feilding (founder of the Beckley Foundation).


Special thanks to Christian from Shift and to Sid Fox for his camera work and the editing specific to

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