Art by Tom Swanson

The Shulgins and More at Burning Man: Exogenista #6

The sixth installment in the Shift video series edited for Exogenista by Sid Fox.  Panel talks continued after the sun set on the playa.  The footage is several years old, shot on the Esplanade at Burning Man, but the topics are still relevant…  The late Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin was present to share his wisdom and wit.

Panel speakers from left to right… Daniel Pinchbeck (author), Bob Jesse (Convenor of the Council on Spiritual Practices), Ann Shulgin (author), Sasha Shulgin (author and chemist, RIP), Dr. Jim Ketchum (author and former Army scientist), Amanda Feilding (founder of the Beckley Foundation).

Please feel free to share this link: The information contained in this clip is vital to the success of the rebellion ; ).

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